Play Ball! Play Smart!

The baseball season is upon us! As little league and high school players across the country get ready to take the field, it is worthwhile to note some important points about preventing baseball injuries.

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Sidelining the hoopster:
ACL tears and other basketball injuries

Sports injuries in basketball players run the gamut from bruises and jammed fingers to sprains and strains. One of the more serious injuries is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a tissue that provides stability to the knee joint.

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Heads Up, It’s Football Season

No athlete is immune from the risk of sustaining a concussion, but contact sports represent the area of highest risk. In the United States, the sport associated with the greatest number of traumatic brain injuries (e.g. sports concussion) is tackle football.

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Heat Kills. Stay Cool!

Heat-related illness continues to be a significant threat to athletic performance and overall health. Among high school athletes heat-related illness is the third most common cause of death. In order for the body to function normally, its core temperature must remain within a narrow range around 98.6°F (37.0°C). Acclimating to warm outdoor temperatures means that the body makes adjustments so that you do not feel the adverse effects of heat.

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Children Are Not Small Adult Athletes

Young athletes are not smaller versions of adult athletes and should not be trained in the same manner. There are specific differences in the body structure of a child that increase the risk of sports injuries in the younger population. Some primary differences include the following.

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The Problem of Sports Injuries

During the past several decades athletic activity has become a more common cause of injury among children, teenagers, and adults. In fact, millions of sports and recreational-related injuries occur each year.

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